Websites should support the sales process

How do you see a website? As a marketing tool or as a sales tool? 

If you think like most business owners, you will say it’s a marketing tool right away. Traditionally, websites have been part of marketing, managed by the marketing department, so why would it not be a marketing tool?

Well, we’re sorry to tell you, and you may not like us for this, but we think you’re wrong. We believe websites are a sales tool.

How can a website be a sales tool?

My website isn't an online shop, so how can it be a sales tool? Easy, add part of your sales process into it. 

What are the most common questions potential clients have? What is your website doing to answer these questions? Would you send an unprepared salesperson to attend to an important prospect? So why haven't you prepared your website yet? 

At Riffmax, we will work closely with you to identify these questions. 

Are your ideal clients aware of the problem?

What are the problems your ideal customers have? Are they aware of it?

When someone arrives at your website, they could be anywhere in the buying process. How do you approach this? Does your website try to move a person from not being aware of the problem to being aware of it?

See, this is all about sales. Ask any great salesmen what they know about “buyers awareness”. They will tell you that most people are unaware of the problems they solve, so the first thing they do is to make them aware. 

The written content — the copy — of your website should consider the buyers' awareness. Headings, paragraphs, blog posts, and a FAQ page, whatever, you must find a way to implement this principle.

What is your website doing to overcome sales objections?

Back in the days when Netflix was in its infancy, a time when the SaaS business model was still seen as a potential thing, users, in general, had one big concern: They didn't want to sign up for a product or service if that meant a one-year commitment — a minimum time commitment was kind of standard.

If they didn't enjoy the product, they would like to be able to cancel it at any time and stop being charged. Netflix realized that many people would not sign their platform if the "cancel at any time" condition wasn't clearly stated.

They added this line to a simple FAQ section on their website. The result? Their user base grew like crazy because they were able to overcome and neutralize one of the main objections people had.

Each business is different so each one will face its own objections. What are the main sales objections you face? What is your website doing to overcome them? Let’s work this too!

Can your product or service be connected to fear or ambition? 

Another way of turning your website into a sales tool is by triggering emotions, especially related to fear and ambitions. Can your product or service be connected to emotions like that?

Great salespeople know that people buy emotionally but justify logically. Emotions, like fears and ambitions, can instill your ideal customer to call you, which is the first step for a sale if you are an architect, a lawyer, or any other type of professional who provides a service.

When we say a website should support the sales process, we don’t necessarily mean it will sell for you. The message here is that your website can do a great job by prospecting a bunch of new opportunities. 

So, we ask you, if your website could immediately shorten your sales cycle and increase your close rate, would that have a tangible impact on your bottom line?

We aim to help brands sell more and grow faster, and we do it by delivering websites that embody part of the sales process into it.

Do a favor to your business by investing in a new website. At Riffmax, we help you from start to finish. We do the strategy, the design, the copywriting, and the development.

You will get a website with a world-class design, developed to work in all screen sizes. It will be easy to manage, fast and secure, and scalable.

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