8 reasons your website should run on Webflow

There are many aspects to Webflow that provide a more beneficial platform to run your website and manage your brand’s digital house. 

At Riffmax, we believe Webflow is the future of Web Development because it makes things much better for everyone involved. It simplifies, brings more control, it allows small brands have a website that was unthinkable before because it would cost an organ. And now, with Membership and Logic built into the platform, the sky is the limit.

Below we show 8 reasons your website should run on Webflow. 

1. Google will love your website

Let’s face it: Google’s engine search powers the internet. It’s the master player because when people want to find something, they run to it.

With that said, Webflow makes it very easy for your websites to rank high in Google searches. How? By providing fine-level controls over meta tags, markups, redirects, and indexing rules. It’s all built right into Webflow’s interface.

Editing your SEO — Search Engine Optimization — is easy and intuitive, a piece of cake. At Riffmax, we make sure your SEO is correct before we deliver your website and will teach you how you can set/edit it.

2. Webflow Hosting is Fast & Secure

Thanks to their CDN, Webflow Hosting is super-fast. And unlike most web hosts, it runs on up-to-date codes.

Webflow has a 99.99% uptime, so you won’t find any hosting service more reliable than that. The chance of your website going down at any moment is nearly 0%. For your information, Webflow hosts everything on AWS cloud servers — Amazon Web Services —. There’s no need to worry about hardware failures or data loss.

Besides that, all websites come with free SSL encryption and automatic backups. Enterprise-level clients can get even more advanced features. 

3. Automatic site backups (versioning) and staging URLs

Webflow automatically creates a backup version of your website every 20th autosave, or any time you press Shift + ⌘ + S on Mac or Shift + Ctrl + S on Windows. Let’s say you are the type of person who likes trying all sorts of changes on your own, so you decided to change the home page but ended up messing it up.

You know Webflow creates a backup so you also know there’s no need to worry because you can simply go to the backup area and revert your website back to the way it was before. It takes only a click.

4. No updates or plugins required

Forget about outdated plugins — which often pose a security risk — and manual updates as required if your website runs on WordPress. Free yourself from the headaches usually related to managing a website that requires third-party services to work.

Imagine buying an old BMW that comes without suspension, seats, lights, and airbags, and that to drive it, you would have to get those things from third-party vendors. Not good, right? That's like WordPress, a great car, but its plugins may be a hassle — they can produce bugs in your website after updates or by not communicating well with each other —.

With Webflow, you are buying a fresh new BMW, made with the latest technologies and all needed things included as they should always be.

5. Flexible and powerful CMS (ditch WordPress)

Websites made to live and grow rely heavily on the CMS underneath the hood. To that end, Webflow is the best option for most businesses because its CMS is powerful and highly flexible, combining great visual controls with the freedom to create whatever content type your website needs — At Riffmax, we craft your design around the content from scratch —.

Another PLUS here, a BIG PLUS actually, is the Webflow Editor, which allows editors to manage content on the page. The Editor provides a simple UI, is very intuitive, and doesn’t require you to log into a disconnected and clunky dashboard that looks like a thing from the past. 

In short, the Webflow Editor gives you access to your website content in a controlled environment. To change static content — headings, images, or something else — or to update your dynamic collections — blog posts, products, projects — the Editor is your best friend.

You can even white-label the CMS, replacing the default Webflow logo with your own to make it more personal to your brand.

6. Ecommerce

That’s right, Webflow lets you create an online store to sell physical and digital items. You can add new products and categories and define custom product fields, variants, coupons, promotions, and sales prices.

Shipping and taxation rules can also be set according to each region around the world, and all orders can be viewed on a dedicated orders page. Webflow lets you accept payments from over 200 countries using credit cards, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

7. Memberships

Yes! Webflow allows you to create memberships, a feature still in beta but is soon to be released. It will bring many new possibilities, from members-only content to online courses and product subscriptions.

Unique experiences will be able for different groups of members with subscription tiers. Paid members can choose from a range of flexible plans designed by you — not just monthly or annual commitments.

8. You’re in good company

Many well-known companies have already switched to Webflow for one of or all the reasons listed above. Here are a few companies you and your client might be familiar with:

  • Rakuten
  • Medium
  • Dell
  • HelloSign
  • Upwork
  • Intuit
  • Discord
  • Oreo
  • Chiplote
  • Lattice
  • Dropbox
  • Zendesk

Last but not least, Webflow was named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2022, ranked as #4 most innovative company in North America. Its customer base doubled in 2021 to 200,000, revenue grew a reported 75% year over year, and its users, which include name brands such as Chipotle and Oreo, built more than 450,000 sites.

We believe moving from WordPress or any other CMS / Site Builder to Webflow is like moving from a blackberry to an iPhone. 

Your brand is unique and deserves a custom website. At Riffmax, we design and build websites that help brands sell more and grow faster. 

So let’s say we can help you increase your brand’s bottom line. Would something be blocking you from allowing us to build your new website?

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