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Anyone passionate about guitars knows the Fender Master Builders, but only a few know their history and impact.

This project was created with this goal in mind, which is to make guitar players aware of the Fender Master Builders' importance to Fender. We did research, strategy, copywriting, and design, basing ourselves mainly on the reference below.

Fender MB — Home Page Tablet
Fender MB — Home Page Phone
Fender MB — Founders Design ProjectFender MB — A well deserved tribute
Fender MB — Michael Stevens and John Page
Fender MB — Founders Design Project
Fender MB — Founders design team
Fender MB — Founders design team
Fender MB — Custom Shop Founders Design 30th Anniversary Documentary
Fender MB — Founders design team
Fender MB — Founders design team
Fender MB — Founders Design Esquire Michael StevensFender MB — Founders Design DF-Hole Esquire John PageFender MB — Founders Design Jazzmaster George Blanda
Fender MB — Founders Design H-Bone Telecaster Fred StuartFender MB — Founders Design Stratocaster J.W. BlackFender MB — Founders Design Stratocaster Mark Kendrick
Fender MB — Founders Design Sparkle Telecaster Alan HamelFender MB — Founders Design Stelecaster Gene BakerFender MB — Fender Custom Shop Headstock
— This is an experimental project made for research and educational purposes

We did this project as if it was real, meaning that we have set targets and ideas considering the end-goal companies may have regarding a storytelling website — usually to create some kind of awareness —.