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Guitar 10 is an experimental work we made to test and verify whether Webflow Ecommerce could be used for a guitar store. It works really great, we were able to add all sorts of information guitar players want to see when online shopping.

We did research, strategy, copywriting, design, and development, and are ready to create and deliver more websites like that.

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Guitar 10 — Home Page Phone
Guitar 10 — Product Page Desktop
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Guitar 10 — Home Page PhoneGuitar 10 — Electric Guitars PhoneGuitar 10 — Menu Phone
Guitar 10 — Product Page Desktop
Guitar 10 — Product Page Phone
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Guitar 10 — Electric Guitars Desktop
— This is an experimental project made with real business research

We did this project as if it was a real business, meaning that we considered the core aspects of an e-commerce for a local but premium guitar store. Our Creative Director is crazy about guitars, he knows what the audience expects from musical instruments related websites.